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According to research, 60 percent of your overall career success hinges on your ability to self-advocate. However, as a professional of color, communicating your value and contributions, stepping up for opportunities, and commanding the salary you deserve may feel like your biggest challenge, too.

Author Devika Brij is here to show you that it doesn’t have to be this way. As the CEO of Brij the Gap and consultant to multiple Fortune 50 companies, Devika’s proven tools and strategies have helped thousands of underrepresented professionals create the exact careers, salaries, and work/life balance they desire, despite the institutional and systemic barriers arrayed against them.

Thrive in Color goes beyond motivation to address the specific action steps needed to proactively design and manage your career trajectory and bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 


Author Devika Brij’s New Book, “Thrive in Color” Provides Practical Tools to Master Self-Advocacy

AP | May 24, 2024

“Thrive in Color” Author Devika Brij displays the benefits of vulnerability, resilience, and mentorship in the workplace.

Devika Brij, a career advancement expert and former sales and people leader at Google and LinkedIn turned CEO and Founder of Brij the Gap Consulting, announced the release of her debut book, Thrive in Color: How to Master Self-Advocacy and Command Your Career As An Underrepresented Professional.


Author Devika Brij’s New Book, “Thrive in Color” Provides Practical Tools to Master Self-Advocacy

WFLA | May 24, 2024

In her literary debut, Brij outlines how self-advocacy can potentially contribute to career success. She also sheds light on why women, people of color, immigrants, and others from underrepresented backgrounds don’t always pursue career growth, and promotions or know how to articulate their value in corporate settings effectively. Thrive in Color puts professionals in the driver’s seat of their careers by providing a roadmap, proven strategies, personal stories, and invaluable advice to navigate the complexities of today’s workplace.





Chief Diversity Officer and Head of Corporate Responsibility

Thrive in Color displays the benefits of vulnerability, courage, resilience, and mentorship. Devika does a great job channeling the lived experiences of people of color for good. The reader is left with action plans to control the controllable within corporate structures.”

Jabari Hearn

Managing Partner

“Through its practical and strategic guidance, this book empowers you to unlock your full potential, shaping the fulfilling career you’ve always envisioned.” 

Diana Luu

Canada Country Manager

Thrive in Color offers a vital roadmap for professionals of color navigating the complexities of today’s workplace. Through powerful personal anecdotes and strategic guidance, Devika addresses the challenges of bias and unfair treatment head-on, offering invaluable insights on reclaiming control of one’s career narrative.”

Sonya Kay George

VP of Global Strategic Accounts

Thrive in Color brilliantly explores the pivotal shift from a defeated mindset to an enabled one, where people of color learn about the tangible tools necessary to take control of their careers.”

Arvin Patel

Chief Licensing Officer, New Segments

Thrive in Color stands as an indispensable lifeline for professionals of color grappling with the intricacies of today’s workplace. In the absence of sufficient resources or guidance, individuals of color are often left to confront the challenges of bias, marginalization, and isolation on their own.”

Kofi Amoo-Gottfried

Chief Marketing Officer, DoorDash

Thrive in Color does something rare: it gives underrepresented professionals the inspiration and practical tools to go from feeling like passengers inside systems not designed for them to being drivers of their own career journey.” 


Global Brand Marketing Director

“Devika’s pragmatic yet strategic approach delivers the tools you need to grow, develop and advance in your career. As a result, I was able to accomplish the challenging career pivot that I was seeking in less than a year and increase my base salary by 30 percent.”


VP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Thrive in Color is a brilliant, prescriptive guide to career success that will help professionals of color accelerate the hard career lessons that most only learn through years of trial and error.”

Shaina Poulard

Global Head of DEI

“Through a lens that uniquely understands the challenges faced by people of color in the workplace, this book offers invaluable advice to overcome bias, imposter syndrome, and systemic barriers and empowers people of color to boss up and fully own their career trajectory.”

Andrea Johnson

 Director of Customer Success

” In a world where climbing the corporate ladder and achieving the career you desire feels increasingly difficult, Devika provides the knowledge and tools to help you reach your goals.”



You are invited to join me in breaking through the barriers professionals of color often experience in their workplaces and careers! Join me in the exclusive Thrive in Color book club where you’ll be able to unpack the strategies in the book, build community with professions of color globally and access exclusive career coaching from me. Are you ready to transform your career and thrive in color? If you’re interested in joining, here are next steps:

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