Thrive in Color Bulk Orders
Thrive in Color Bulk Orders





“Thrive in Color displays the benefits of vulnerability, courage, resilience, and mentorship. Devika does a great job channeling the lived experiences of people of color for good. The reader is left with action plans to control the controllable within corporate structures. Success is repeated in the book when talented professionals leave where they are tolerated to discover places where they can be celebrated. The spirit of the written word allows us to believe the answer is within reach and the importance of continuously thriving for full representation and inclusion.” 

MICHELLE GETHERS, Chief Diversity Officer and Head of Corporate Responsibility

“Devika Brij is a masterful teacher. I’ve leveraged her expertise to support underrepresented employees during my former role as Head of Diversity and Inclusion for the U.S. Banks business at Morgan Stanley and now as Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the premier digital platform for luxury fashion in North America. Our employees from diverse communities have expressed that the knowledge and tools Devika provides is some of the best they’ve received! Her work in mastering self-advocacy has been uplifting for the communities I lead and support in my role, and personally as a Black woman and Senior Executive in my everyday life. Thrive in Color is a brilliant, prescriptive guide to career success that will help professionals of color accelerate the hard career lessons that most only learn through years of trial and error.”

DR. ALICIA WILLIAMS, VP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Saks

“Devika’s pragmatic yet strategic approach delivers the tools you need to grow, develop and advance in your career. As a result, I was able to accomplish the challenging career pivot that I was seeking in less than a year and increase my base salary by 30 percent. This book will help you reach your full potential and create the career you always dreamed of.”

MENA MAHANIAH, Global Brand Marketing Director, Timberland, a VF Company
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